7:00 AM Check-in  and any late registration for long distance races:
       3 mile SUP race
       4 mile SUP relay race
       3 mile Outrigger Canoe Race
  7:45 AM Check-in and late registration closes
  Mandatory Steersmen’s/SUP racers meeting for long distance races
  8:00 AM 3 mile SUP Race Start
  8:30 AM 3 mile OC-6 Race Start
10:30 AM OC-6 Race Ends
  Check-in and late registration for short distance races:
    Menehune SUP Race
    Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Regatta
11:00 AM 4 mile SUP relay race Start
11:15 AM Mandatory Steersmen’s/SUP racers meeting for short distance races
11:45 AM Menehune SUP Race Starts
  3:30 PM Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Regatta Starts
  4:00 PM Award and prize ceremony

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